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Looking for a Body Top or a Body Lingerie ?

We are specialized in the sale of bodysis for women. The body of Body is your reference shop to find the body you need.

MB offers you a wide catalog of products. Browse the collections and choose the body of your choice. If you are looking for a bodyYou will surely find it here.

Our goal is simple: motivate and encourage women to assert themselves and assume their femininity.

Our collections are done in collaboration with our clients and our Instagram community, as we literally Body Fan. You too, participate in the development of our collections, discover our ambassadors and follow all our news by joining us on our official account @LamaisonDubody

The favorite: Selina - Body Lace

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Delivery offered from 70 € of purchases

BODY Lingerie Sexy Collection


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Body top chic collection and evenings

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Which body choose?


You have a preference for theBody Lingerie? Discover our collectionBody Lingerieand choose the one you need. For aBody glamor and romantic, opt for aBody Lingerie lace woman Fine, a satin bodyWhereOrganic cotton body. For asexy and erotic body, we also offer youNylon bodys and faux leather bodys. Select the material in which you are comfortable in finding thebodyyou need.

You prefer to wear yourbodysisday and night and outside? Discover the collection of Body Top for women. You can choose thebodywhich corresponds to you according to the desired cup: aBODY LONG SLEEVESShort Sleeve BodyA sleeveless bodywith a bustier effect.

You can also choose yourbodyaccording to a particular occasion or event. Recently, we created for you a collection ofevening body, ideal for weddings or festive atmospheres!


BODY Lingerie Collection

All our lingerie bodys at 29 € 99 for a limited time

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What's new

The house of Body constantly renews its catalog to offer you new pieces every week. Discover the Full Black collection: bodys, night dresses and chic and ultra-sexy accessories.

For a limited time test period

All our Bodys Lingerie at 29 € 99 / All our night dresses at 39 € 99

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