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The House of Body - Tips: How to store his underwear?

We like to take care of his dressing room but what are the true tips to store his underwear effectively?

We all have ways to store and organize themselves at home. We always try to better optimize space for aesthetic and practical issues. The organization allows us to better find our favorite parts and to know where to look depending on the opportunity.

When we are badly organized or disordered we actually go a crazy time to search what suits us and it is the big disorder! We return everything and we sow the mess in our interior.

Today, there are many tips to improve the storage of laundry and clothing, it says in this article we will focus on the storage of underwear.

The underwear are parts that fall under the order of privacy and we like to find them easily by optimizing space with a beautiful presentation.

Tip 1: boxes of patterned storage or labels

The house of Body how to store its underwear properly and organized?
Stock Photo here: Foldable storage boxes with lids, available in the accessory collection of www.laisonduubody.com

The storage boxes of this type are small boxes of square or rectangular shape. They can stay on the floor and / or fit perfectly to your cupboards or dressing. There are many underwear and small objects. They are therefore practical and fit perfectly into the decoration of your interior. You will find in many different stores. If you are looking for minimalist and refined models, check out the shopwww.lamaisonduubody.comin the accessories section.

Our trick to store its underwear with small boxes of patterned storage: for each of boxes, a symbol representing the contents of the box. Easy and practical This trick is ideal for quickly and correctly storing its underwear. If you already have boxes of this kind you can add to it small self-adhesive labels as a marker.

The house of Body how to store its underwear label for storage boxes with erasable felt
In Photo Here: Felt Labels To Better Organize, Available in the "Accessories" collection of www.laisonDubody.com

Tip 2 : The organizers - storage boxes

For a good organization in the drawers, you can opt for small storage boxes. Its boxes allow to separate the underwear individually and to have better visibility on your lingerie when you open your closet. They are easily washable and available in several colors. They sell by lots and you can find all the formats! They are practical to store the small pieces of our wardrobe. To find in the category Accessories of the shop:www.lamaisonduubody.com

Our trick to store its underwear easily with storage boxes: Booster your organization by sorting your underwear by color. In this way, you will find the most appropriate underwear for your day outfit without having to return your closet.

The House of Body How to store its underwear lingerie organizer Sale Practical storage
Photo: Storage boxes for drawer and dressing room available in the accessories collection from www.laisonduubody.com

Trick 3 : Foldable tissues

If we prefer to have its underwear on hand in its dressing we can use foldable tissues. They are sold at low cost and they make it possible to optimize the storage when there is a lack of space or drawers. You can hang them to your wardrobe and integrate your lingerie ensembles easily. They are usually sold with scratches which allows you to put them where you want. I

Our trick to store its underwear in foldable tissues: store your underwear in boxes per set. Thus, you will find them much more easily and your wardrobe will remain impeccable.

The Body House Fabric Foldable Storage Hanging Hanger or Dressing How to Store Son Underwear
In Picture HERE: Storage boxes suspended in the wardrobe, available in the accessory collection of www.lamaisonduubody.com

Trick: Drawer separators

You can also opt for drawer separators. Organize your cupboards according to your tastes and your desires and separate your underwear in this way.

You will find in the category Accessories onwww.lamaisonduubody.comOr you can also start and create a DIY template (do it yourself) by inspiring Pinterest's chic models.

Our trick to store its underwear with drawer separators: group your underwear types. Book a closet to bras, one to the panties and another to various parts and accessories: Bodys, tights and low if you have the possibility. Otherwise, marked the difference in parts with a small separation.

The body of body fabric foldable storage to hang hanger or in the dressing room drawer separator how to store his lingerie and his underwear?
Stock Photo here: drawer separators available in the accessory collection of www.lamaisonduubody.com

Trick 5: Use doors hooks for wall storage

Depending on your decoration and the indoor style you have. You can use small hooks to effectively store your underwear. The Hooks doors allow you to store a lot of underwear at a time and group them together. You can talk about it to store them by types, occasions or colors. The doors hooks are original and marry wonderfully with an interior with bohemian style chic.

Our trick to store its underwear using doors hooks: put your doors hooks in your wardrobe. Hang your night dresses and lingerie on an iron or woven hook. Discover our models onwww.lamaisonduubody.com

The Body House Storage Boxes Lingerie Attaching Crochet Wall Storage How to Store Her Underwear and Lingerie Tips
Photo: Storage with hooks / linen wall fastening available in the shop www.laisonduubody.com

Tip 6 : Ground storage

If you miss space and if you have small rooms where it is fundamental to optimize a maximum space, you can opt for ground storage. There are wooden, fabric or nylon crates that allow you to correctly store your products under your closet or under your bed for example. Its storage even on the ground allow you to protect your underwear. There are different models.

Our trick to store its underwear with floor storage: use this trick if you have any parts that you use only occasionally. You will optimize the available space.

The house of the body storage floor for dressing woman with zipper under the bed How to store his clothes and his lingerie
Photo: Floor storage available in the "Accessories" collection at www.lamaisonduubody.com

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