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The house of Body - Which body choose according to its morphology?

Which body for woman choose according to his morphology?

Knowing his morphology is important to find out what clothes choose. The same goes for the selection of a body. In this way, we avoid errors. A product can please us but a few days later, more at all. This is probably because it does not totally fit your morphology and that it does not show you. To avoid unnecessary returns and expenses, it is better to know its morphology and select its dress wardrobe according. We are all different and every morphology to its assets. It is not question of weight or badger but morphology either from your overall external appearance. All the silhouettes are feminine and it is clearly ridiculous to say that a morphology is better than another.

We are never satisfied with what we have! And that either is not due to our morphology. But we are guaranteed that all morphologies can be valued and it is possible to be sexy and attractive with each of them.

The house of Body - how recognize its morphology?

Position yourself in front of your naked mirror or under clothing so as not to let you go wrong with your clothes. Look and determine in an objective way the shape of your body.

Which body choose when you have a morphology in H?

This morphology is long and fine. The size is not really marked and the shoulders line up with the hips. It is often confused with the morphology in H but they are different.

What body wear when has a morphology in H?

  • Crack for a body that marks the size with a curved effect

  • Sublume your legs with a high waist body

  • Highlight your shoulders with a bustier or sleeveless body

Which body choose when you have a morphology in x?

This morphology is also called morphology in 8. With it, the size is more marked even if the shoulders are aligned with the hips. Generally it goes hand in hand with a generous chest and pretty rounded hips.

What body wear when has a morphology in X?

  • Opt for a body with deep neckline to sublimate the silhouette and enhance your assets

  • Choose a round neck body to refine the silhouette

  • Crack for a body lingerie with curved cutter

Which body choose when you have a morphology in A?

For middle corpulence women who are rather fine. The hips are wider than the shoulders, the size is narrower than the hips and hips are rounded. For luscious corpulence women, the shoulders are slightly rounded.

What body wear when has a morphology in A?

  • Put in the values ​​your shoulders and hips with a sleeveless body body or strapless

  • Choose a body that leaves the shoulders bare to sublimate your bust

Which body choose when you have a V morphology?

For rather thin women and average corpulence, this silhouette reveals larger shoulders than hips and narrow hips. If you are rather round, it's the same thing.

What body wear when has a V morphology?

  • Opt for a moulder body with thin straps for lingerie

  • Value your assets with a bare body body or a bare body body

In short, all women can wear a body feeling at ease. What does it matter strong morphology or corpulence, there are bodys that are made for you. The essential thing being to feel comfortable and put in value your charm assets.

Be feminine, be attractive, be yourself!

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