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Collection: Evening Body Collection

The house of Body helps you find the body You need according to your tastes, from your morphology but also opportunities. For you, we have created a collection of BODYS FOR WOMEN dedicated to evening bodys. Here you will find women's bodys for all kinds, for all sizes and at all prices.

If you are looking for a body for one of your evening is the BODYS Collection eveningyou need. You will find Chic women bodys and BODYS Women Glamor. Select the material of your choice and crash for a Satin Body, a Fine Lace Body or a Molding Nylon Body.

Be unique by wearing a Body woman in tulle, a BODY WOMAN WOMEN, a Body woman with white pearls or A Transparent Woman Body.

Choose the cup of your Body top of evenings, according to your criteria and select the Body Top which corresponds to you: A WOMAN BODY sleeveless with a bustier effect, a Body woman with short sleeves or a Body woman with long sleeves.

The evening bodys proposed by The house of Body are BODYS TOP For women who wear outdoors, day and night. Some will think you have a T-shirt or a top while you'll wear a bode of evening.

The evening bodys For women are BODYS TRENDS and tGlamor. Those are Woman bodys who have refined cups and have a beautiful curved effect to sculpt the silhouette and curves. This collection will help you find Body Suitable for the desired opportunities. Present by the house of Body, this collection of BODYS FOR WOMEN is ideal for events like club nights, weddings, baptisms or ceremonies.

Made with soft, comfortable and noble substances, BODYS For women in this collection have sophisticated and chic sections. They are women's bodys that have pace and who are perfect for women who like to be elegant in body And who like to have the opportunity to wear them day and night.